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This piece celebrates the phone box, which is a disappearing symbol of London. This is a limited edition piece of 50, which are hand-crafted and constructed by the Artist.

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The K6 was the most prolific kiosk in the UK and its growth, from 1935, can be seen from the BT archives: • 1925 – 1,000 (K1 Only) • 1930 – 8,000 (K2 & K3 added) • 1935 – 19,000 (K6 introduced) • 1940 – 35,000 • 1950 – 44,000 • 1960 – 65,000 • 1970 – 70,000 (K8 introduced in 1968) • 1980 – 73,000 Unfortunately, society today does not use the telephone box as they did many years ago. However, there are still many across London and I am sure Londoners are both pleased and relieved that this is the case.

As with the postbox, this is now considered a collector’s item as opposed to a useful part of society.

The aim is to pay homage to the telephone box which is a disappearing symbol and simultaneously to consider the variety of colour combinations that could have been selected for this iconic image. Graphic manipulation has been used to create an animated style image.

These days many telephone boxes are being sold off to private collectors as garden decoration and to remind people of a time gone by.



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Dimensions 62 × 62 cm


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