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Our Featured Piece

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This artwork features all the main theatres in London. The theatres are set out in 5 rows of 10.

Homage to the mostly historic theatre buildings was a key factor in producing this artwork.

Each theatre can be “read” individually on a theatre by theatre basis and colours have been carefully selected to allow the viewer to read the images one by one. Bright, bold and vivid colours have been used to give an unrealistic “theatre”, whilst retaining some architectural details.

Most people would agree that going to the theatre as a rather special and significant event that can last a lifetime and the artist’s aim is to create a composition to represent all the main theatres in an animated pop art style which allows the viewer to recollect and celebrate in the their own experiences and recollection of the theatre.

50 Shades of Grey is a limited edition of 50. Each piece of art is carefully constructed by hand and in a tiled format.

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