Divided I


The intention of this piece is to illustrate 21 bridges that cross the River Thames giving views of London from North to South and South to North.

This is a limited edition piece of 30 and each piece is hand crafted and constructed.

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In total there are 42 images of bridges across the piece, which shows views of the River Thames and landmarks beyond. One of the aims is to draw attention to the divide, but it is interesting to note that in depicting the divide, the joining together is revealed simultaneously.

The bridges are in order, well very nearly, as there are two ‘deliberate errors’ in the piece. The first bridge is Tower Bridge which is Royal Bridge and the Artist sought to begin on a Royal bridge and to end on a Royal bridge, hence Hampton Court being the last one. In reality Kew Bridge should be in place of Hampton Court Bridge. there is also another bridge which is intentionally in the wrong order. I shall leave the viewer to see if they can work this out.


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Dimensions 102 × 82 cm


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