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This artwork features all the main theatres in London. The theatres are set out in 5 rows of 10.

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Act I – This is an edition size of 30 which are handcrafted and constructed by the Artist.

This artwork features all the main theatres in London. The theatres are set out in 5 rows of 10. The original idea was to attempt to walk from the first theatre to the last. However, after walking in a somewhat circuitous fashion from The Palladium to the Noel Coward, (about 8 miles) the artist went home to recover. The following week, the rest of the images were photographed travelling on the train!

Each theatre can be “read” individually on a theatre by theatre basis and colours have been carefully selected to allow the viewer to read the images one by one. Bright, bold and vivid colours have been used to give an unrealistic “theatre” but at the same time, careful reference to architectural features is evident.

A balance between retaining the beauty of the architecture and yet introducing graphic animation has been a challenge and the journey has been long but undoubtedly rewarding.

Most people would agree that going to the theatre is a rather special and significant event that can last a lifetime and the artist’s aim is to create a composition to represent all the main theatres in an animated pop art style that allows the viewer to recollect and celebrate in their own experiences and recollection of the theatre.
There are to be 30 pieces in this edition and each piece is handcrafted and carefully constructed.

As with the first piece under the umbrella “Rhetoric and Reality”, the overall aim is to create a fun yet serious artwork where the visual language can be read in individual images, yet the total composition is pieced together to make a comprehensive, and fascinating artwork for the viewer.


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Dimensions 102 × 82 cm


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